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      About us

      Anqiu ozon Max equipment co., LTD

      Mr Max equipment co., LTD. Is located in anqiu city of shandong province, committed to the ozone Technology research and development, production, sales, and the process of application, installation, debugging and services, Is a Canadian ozon ozon Max Max co., LTD. And Hong Kong Asia co., LTD LTD, a sino-foreign joint venture jointly, is China's most powerful ozone generator setOne meter manufacturers.

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      News and information

      Steinschlagschutzwall - Eine L?sung – drei Ansichten in Val d'Isère / Frankreich

      Anqiu ozon Max equipment co., LTD., mainly engaged in ozone generator, a business manager is liu tao, the company registered capital of the unknown, our office address is located in the headquarters of weifang international kite federation organization,


      Hot Product list

      NAUE Produkte
      Anqiu ozon Max co., LTD is a well-known ozone generator manufacturers, High and new technology enterprise, grasps the domestic advanced ozone technology.

      Cabinet body machine

      Cabinet all-in-one complete summary of water supply equipment. With the development of social economic and technological progress, municipal water supply system water quality standard gradually improve, constantly enhance its capability of water supply. In order to ...

      Large ozone generator

      large ozone generator, commonly known as the heavyweight ozone generator, sometimes exist in the form of the unit, large ozone generator is absorbing domestic and foreign advanced experience of painstaking exercise and boutique. Mainly composed of compressed air and purification system, ozone generation system, electrical power system, control system, the application system of ozonation and so on...

      Small sized ozone generator

      Ozone generator is a device for the production of ozone gas (O3). Ozone is easy to break down and can not be stored, so it is necessary to make use of the site (special circumstances can be carried out for a short time), so all the places that can be used in the field of ozone are required to use the ozone generator...

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